Open Scramble

The ultimate fun league!! High Cliff hosts an open 9 hole scramble that will be held every Friday morning at 9am beginning Friday, May 5th. This is open to all players . Cost of the scramble will be $13 to walk and $21 to ride plus a $2 entry fee for prizes. There will be prizes awarded every week to the top two teams. To be entered, just show up by 8:30 the morning of the event. Teams will be randomly paired up 15 minutes before the first team tees off.There is no long term commitment, points system, or handicaps.  For more info or questions call the pro shop at 989-1045.


Fall League

League play start date and time yet to be determined.

This league will be easy to participate in and will be simple. This will be a week to week league so you will only be competing against those who participate that week.

We will do our best to tee off as foursomes.  Tee times will adjust as needed.

Format: The league will be a twosome league. If you do not have a partner, join us, we will pair you with another player. If we have an odd number of players a ghost score will be used to determine lowest net score for your team. The ghost score will be the average of all scores that night.

This will be a handicapped league so please bring your handicap from your previous league. If you do not have an established handicap we will use your average score from (5) 9 hole rounds played this year.

Prizes: Prizes will be given weekly to the team with the lowest net score and a team drawn randomly.

Cost: $2 per player prize buy-in plus all applicable green fees & cart fees.

Fall League Green Fees will be $10 to walk, $18 to ride.

Optional: Mulligans can be purchased for $1 and used off a tee shot of your choice.

Limit 1 mulligan per round.

Skins game $3 buy-in per player.